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info of casino games

por lai jun yii (2019-02-24)

slot machinesare the most popular of all casino games. Probably because they are the easiest of all games. To play the game, you just need to enter a certain number of coins in the machine and click the spin button to wait for your fate. If you are interested in games with high entertainment value and excitement, then roulette is your game. There is no real strategy for this casino games, this is a chance game. The wheel consists of a large wheel with the numbers 1-38 , alternating black or red and the corresponding table. This table is where the player bets. The table has the same 38 numbers organized in a particular pattern. Your goal is to bet on the number, color or series that you think the dealer will spin on the wheel.If you are a beginner in the casino games, then blackjack is a great game for you. Blackjack is an easy-to-learn game that offers countless hours of entertainment. The goal of the game is to maintain a higher score than the dealer without exceeding 21. The score for cards 2-10 is the face value, all face values are 10, and Ace can be 1 or value 11, depending on which value is best for your hand.