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Invisible Fence - Critical Things to Check Out Before Buying One

por Joshua Ramsden (2019-01-24)

Anyone who's ever owned a pet understands it can be a pain to take your animal outside. Dogs need walked occasionally, but in addition they have to visit the bathroom many times each day. If you don't have a fenced in area you can let them go out into, you need to go out together every time. This can be a real annoyance when it's cold or raining. If you live somewhere where you can not place a permanent fence, like a rental property, then you need an option. The best answer is the invisible fence.

Having an invisible fence, you mark off an area with a couple poles or stakes and some wires. You'll also have a special device your dog must wear its collar. The fence creates an invisible electric barrier that's assumed to help keep your pet within its boundaries.

There are a number of reasons why invisible fences are better than permanent fences. For one thing, they're more affordable, usually costing only a couple hundred dollars. That is much less than the cheapest regular fence. Invisible fences also are portable, which means you may take them when they proceed. And they're unobtrusive, which means you can avoid violating any covenants or lease terms.

1 thing you need to remember, however, is that invisible fences aren't foolproof. They can fail, your dog's collar device can fall or break of, and a weather event can harm the fences. They do not work with all dogs, either. The electric shock may not be adequate to deter your pet from running right through the border. The other big drawback is they don't keep out things. Whether it's other animals or a child, invisible fences only work to keep your pet . See more at: