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The way for Diet

por miss elena cindy leong (2019-12-14)

Very interesting question. as a teenager you will certainly be afraid of very high body weight, you should keep your diet and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. reduce the intake of carbohydrates in the body which is when the body will initially be weak and difficult for it. but over time everything will be normal and fine. believe me.

for sports alone must also be organized as well because healthy people must have regular hours of regular exercise as well as learning to walk around 2-5 kilometers per day. spend a little of your time on sports and don't always play online games like situs dominoqq terpercaya which can make you lazy and even fatter. indeed sometimes the suffering at the beginning of the diet is very difficult to pass and must be remembered that everything is carried out routinely to show perfect results as well.

at the time of the diet there are also some things that are needed as the next is to have to eat a normal portion and not exceed that again and basically it has been said to reduce carbohydrates such as rice and may be replaced with chicken potatoes and vegetables. actually the way the diet will not be instant but there are some cases of people deliberately taking medicine so they can lose weight quickly. as intended is the dieters should maintain their food portions plus drink enough water with regular exercise. should not snack too much and also the least recommended is to take medicine to get thin quickly. sometimes we will never know what drugs we eat and what are the side effects when taking these drugs. it is better to diet manually but certainly rather than having to depend on medication. for fat surgery itself is also already very well known in the medical world usually people will do that so they can get thin quickly and diet with extremes instantly. However, it must be stressed that fat surgery is also not very recommended because it can cause fatality as well.
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