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The Citizen Skyhawk Eco-Drive JR3155-54E is an incredibly popular watch with some fantastic features. The watch is now selling like crazy, consumers can't get enough of the watch. So let us figure out why!
To begin with the expression of the watch could have any wannabe commando drooling, in 1 glance you can tell that the watch is packed with features, but maybe not so much that the dial is overcrowded.


Eco-Drive technology is very ingenious, it permits your own watch to absorb sunlight throughout the day and charge with that energy! How cool is that? Much more impressive, artificial lighting can even be converted into energy from the crystal interior of the watch. This alone has persuaded many a watch lover to strap you to their wrist.
There's 1 drawback to the watch sadly.

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At first some people are amazed by the weight of their watch on their wrist. It's not that heavy, but is somewhat heavier than most watches for this. In my opinion, however, it is nice to have a little weight on the wrist, maybe because my brain associates weight with quality.
Whatever the case, the Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk is a fantastic watch that as acquired over many admirers, it's highly suggested.

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