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Writer, Mitchell A. Duncan has established a most tantalizing, sci-fi and psychological fiction with Further Into your Void. Together with his pen, he launches The Reconciliation, a freighter spacecraft, carrying a really specialized crew and me to the foot of Olympus Mons - the biggest mountain range about the pink planet, Mars. Landing safely and securely, Captain Cardiff and her crew established regarding their mission. There's two primary targets with the crew: Check sustainable existence ailments to guarantee humanity's foreseeable future and figure out what occurred to the very first team who vanished from there some time ago. To the surface, the mission appears successful being an ecosystem is tried, as soil and rock samples are taken, as being the pond is tested and vegetation is escalating. Favourable reviews are sent back to earth, but the solutions concerning why the initial crew went missing usually do not area immediately. In reality, with each passing day, the new workforce

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