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What is the Hindu belief in samsara

por Latosha Gould (2019-12-23)

Samsara: the hindu's believe that samsara is like a circle and it will never stop and you live one life and then when you die you start a new life and that life depends on what you did in your previous if you were good in your previous life then your new life would be good and if your previous life was a bad life then your new life will not be a good life.

What is the Hindu translation of samsara?
Samsara refers to suiciding

share: How does samsara relate to the Hindu notion of time?
Hindus have very good notion of time. Samsara means the society according to hindu mythology.

share: What is a Hindu dharma?
The Hindu religion is very complicated. Dharma is only apart of it. Dharma means duty and obligation. is belief is a cycle from the hindus. they believe that Dharma is there duty, then they believe that what they did is good and their "gods" think so to that is what is called Karma which means something like this "what comes around goes around". and lastly Samsara. they think that Samsara is there recarnation.

share: Why is the samsara called the Hindu cycle of life?
Samsara means to keep wandering through different states of existence.

share: What is freedom from samsara?
Freedom from the samsara is when the atman reaches Moksha(hindu heaven) and can be freed from the cycle of birth death and rebirth.

share: What religion included karma samsara in ancient idia?
Karma and Samsara are concepts from the ancient Hindu religion, which is still practiced in modern India.

share: What is the Hindu term for the endless cycle of birth life death and rebirth?
SAMSARA- samsara is the endless cycle of birth a.k.a the continual reincarnation. hope that helped!

share: What are three key points that describe Hindu beliefs about Samsara?
in Hinduism samsara means this world or earth. Dharma (righteous living) Artha (material prosperity) & Kāma (enjoyment) describes it.

share: Reincarnation is the Hindu belief that the individual soul?
reincarnation is the Hindu belief that the individual soul

share: What is the main belief system of Hinduism?
There is not One Unified System, but there are 4 main beliefs. Dharma (ethics and duties) Samsara (rebirth) Karma (right action) Moksha (liberation from the cycle of Samsara)

share: What is the Hindu circle of life called?
The cycle of birth and death is known as Samsara, which goes on. You can either go up or down.

share: The caste system was reinforced by the Hindu belief in what?
Their belief in Reincarnation.

share: What are common Hindu beliefs?
a Hindu belief is reincarnation and it is the belief that you can come back as something useful in the next life if you are successful in the first

share: What Hindu belief is still followed by many but was outlawed in 1947?
no this is not true, Hindu belief were never outlawed. They are still practiced today in india.

share: What is the Hindu belief in reincarnation?
Reincarnation is the Hindu belief that each person has a soul that will experience succesive rebirths until they achieve Moksha (release from the cycle).

share: What is the belief that the soul is reborn into diffferent forms?
Reincarnation, it is a belief of the Hindu religion

share: Who can be a Hindu?
Everybody. Hinduism allows for all belief systems and the only thing that one has to do to be a Hindu is to call themselves a Hindu.

share: What belief system did The Bhagavad Gita come from?
Bhagavad Geeta is from Hindu belief system.

share: Are Hindu people polytheistic?
no, Hindu people are not polytheistic. Hinduism has firm belief in one Supreme God .

share: How is the Hindu belief similar and different from Buddhist belief in nirvana?
Similar belief to nirvana is Moksha in Hindu mythology. Both nirvana ad moksha means that you are free from cycle of life and death and you do not have to take another birth on earth ever again.

share: Which belief Hindu beliefs do buddhists reject?

share: 에그벳카지노 Which is the central belief of Hinduism?
The central belief of Hinduism is that our life is controlled by the supreme Hindu god Brahman.

share: How do you convert Hindu cale?
you can convert to Hinduism if you belief in Hindu Philosophy. There are certain Ancient rituals done by priests.

share: Did Asoka persecuted his Hindu subjects for their religion beliefs?
no ashoka never prosecuted people fro Hindu belief. He was himself a Hindu before accepting Buddhism.

share: ''What continent is Hindu located on''?
Hindu is not a country or region, it is a religious belief system. Asia holds the majority of Hindu people, but you can find Hindu people on nearly every continent (not sure about Antarctica).

share: Who is the dark mother?
Kali is the Dark Mother of the Hindu belief

share: Reincarnation is the Hindu belief that?
Each person has a soul which will be reborn.

share: What sports can Hindu woman take part in?
Hindu women can take part in all good sports that does not intefere in their religious belief.

share: How does the world end according to Hindu belief?
Some monkeys come down and eat the Hindu race and then they get scared and all die

share: What are the place of worship for the hindus?
The places of worship for Hindu are called as temples. Temple is a place where God resides According to Hindu belief.

share: The Hindu belief in more than one birth is called?

share: Why did Hindu bramhan awaid onion?
According to Hindu belief onion is tamasa. Meaning that it harms consumer by dis balancing internal energies.

share: Can a Hindu woman marry a Muslim man according Hindu rituals?
No. A Muslim can not marry a Hindu - under any circumstances - until the Hindu renounces their belief and becomes a Muslim, a Jew or a Christian (those who believe in the One God of Abraham). No

share: The Hindu belief in more than one brith is called?
It is called reincarnation.

share: Reincarnation is the Hindu belief that the individual soul is?
Is Reborn in a different form of death.

share: How many hindus belief in reincarnation?
can't tell. But that is part of HIndu samskara.

share: How do you reach your goals in life according Hindu belief?
compassion and honesty to all

share: How is karma and samsara related?
Karma is the collection of past deeds. Samsara is the cycle of death and rebirth. Karma influences samsara.

share: What do Hindus belief about reincarnation?
Hinduism firmly believe in Reincarnation (punarjanma) or life after birth. Popular Hindu belief is that we are trapped in cycle of life & death.

share: What is more importat than belief for hindus?
For Hindu people the belief of reuniting with God is more important. This is called Moksha (liberation) or Nirvana (Liberation).

share: Under Hindu belief why are we here?
Because we are not worthy through our actions to be one with Brahmin.

share: What are the 6 major belief systems?
Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Budddhist, Hindu and Bahai.

share: Is belief in reincanation part of both the Buddhist and Hindu religions?
In some aspects, yes.

share: Why is karma important in the Hindu belief system?
it determines the next life form of an individual

share: How do you use the word samsara in a sentence?
Please pardon my samsara.

share: What are the 2 human forms of Vishnu?
In Hindu belief, it is commonly accepted that the two human forms of Vishnu are Shri Ram and Shri Krishna. However, as Hindu belief is so diverse, it its likely that there will be a very small minority of Hinuds who would find this statement to be contentious.

share: What are rama and Sita?
Rama and Sita are the gods according to the Hindu belief. Rama is a avatar of Lord Vishnu (another of Hindu gods) and Sita is the avatar of his consort Lakshmi.

share: What traditions did the Mahabharata contain?
It contains traditions of ancient India & Hindu belief. Some off them are belief in one god, honesty, power of god etc.

share: Which is the Hindu belief that each person has many lives?
I believe it's reincarnation. Not sure though.

share: What ideas is not part of most Hindu beliefs?
violence & spreading of Hinduism & also eating beef or hurting anyone. In a sense doing bad karma is not part of Hindu belief.

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