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Graphics and Text as Effective Advertising

por Veta Barrenger (2020-01-08)

Mastering your advertising campaign as an affiliate marketer can sometimes seem an adventure in trial and error.  There exist a myriad of choices of techniques and styles whether choosing from advertisements provided by an affiliate program or by creating your own with certain graphics creation software.  The question many affiliate marketers are trying to answer is, Do text advertisements or graphic advertisements provide higher conversion rates?  Finding the right mix of text advertisements and splashy graphic ones may be key, because both styles truly have their advantages and disadvantageous when trying to grab your viewers attention and ultimately, their click and purchase.

10 months ago 

Graphic display advertisements have the option of utilizing bright colors and perhaps even flash animation to grab the attention of viewers.  The larger and more complex the graphic advertisement however, 카지노사이트쿠폰 the longer it may take to load, interrupting the viewing pleasure of the browser and would-be purchaser; this seemingly is at cross-purposes.  While you want to grab your viewers attention, you do not want to disrupt the reading of the quality content youve authored for your site or the site you happen to have posted your advertisement within.  When placing and purchasing graphic advertisements, the probability of conversion is definitely of concern as the cost of a graphic advertisement can be high compared to its textual advertising counterpart.


Textual advertisements may seem simple to create, incorporate, and post, because they are.  Textual advertisements are less distracting, less offending, and have a way of blending into the content that surrounds them on the page.  Of course, this can be seen as a double-edged sword in the world of Internet advertising.  How can something be at the same time mundane and non-obtrusive, yet effective at grabbing high click rates and conversions?  Though they may be less obtrusive and easily missed as compared to flashy graphics and animations, they are more cost effective than graphic advertisements because they cost little or nothing to produce or purchase.  If a text advertisement does in fact attain the attention of a viewer, research has shown that the viewer is more likely to read it and click through.  Textual advertisements because of their construction are afforded the ability to provide more information and content while graphic advertisements are used to catch the viewers eye.  Discovering which one makes sense in your website is key.   Perhaps a combination of the two will provide winning results in the long run!