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Reasons You Should Get Social Signals For Your Website

por Clement Wearing (2020-01-22)

With a gigantic development in the number of clients, the web has swarmed with increasingly more group of spectators. Coordinating these watchers into your page can help your business in a matter of seconds. But the number of competitors have escalated too, which makes us question

How to drive more audience into my page?

It's simple. Use Social Signals!

What are Social Signals?
Social signals are nothing but human-generated actions taken on a particular post in the form of - comments, likes, views, shares, pins, votes by users of Social Media websites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. These signals indicate the number of users "engaged" with my website, thus helping in the authorization of my site as well as the brand. These signals are picked up by search engines to rank any website on its home page.

Why Social Signals?
Search engines got optimized for detecting pages with more reach and interaction because such pages indicate more "recommendations" from real users. Thus the public's feedback to your page is as crucial as the quality of content on your pages, making Social signals to be one of the main ranking factors for any page on Google.

It plays a vital role in SERP (Search Engine Rank Position) and thus drives more traffic into your page by keeping your page more visible to the visitors as compared to other pages with lower social engagement.

What is a Good Social Signal?
A Good Social Signal increases organic search ranking and displays your page more often to more number of viewers on the internet.

It helps in improving reach and site revisits and attracts more audience. It also increases the number of shares on your website.

It also acts as a backlink to your site and helps in SEO.

How do I drive More Social Signals?
Social signals are of 2 types, Onsite and Offsite. Here are some tips to get social signals in both ways:

Onsite SEO is a process of optimizing your website according to a search engine and making it more feasible to be accessed by online users. It can be improvised using the following ways:

Create quality content:

The main reason for any page to get more views, likes, comments, and reach is its content. Good content makes your posts worth sharing and grabs ample attention. Spend more time in building some quality content in which the audience will be interested. Do not post just for the sake of filling your feed.

Include high-quality Pictures and videos backlink:

Why would anyone hop in and stay on a page with no relevant photos or appealing graphics? Good pictures make your site look more alluring and is more vulnerable to be shared. Images that are relevant to the content make your page more user-friendly. Photographs also make your page easy to pin on sites like Pinterest.

Social Widgets:

Use widgets on your page with buttons. Link your users to all the social media platforms you are in with just a click. Make it easier for them to share your content on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, etc. as and when they want. It will help to increase your reach among the audience present on other media platforms as well.

Use Tags:

The engagement in posts with hashtags is more than that of the posts with no hashtags. Use a few selected tags (approx. 5) which are relatable to your posts. It will help the search engine to direct people who might be interested in similar content to visit into your site and will bring more views, pins, likes, etc. Avoid using an excessive number of hashtags, or irrelevant hashtags.

Offsite SEO is a technique of promoting your website on other websites by social media marketing or creating a backlink. It can be improvised by:

Create an Instagram and a Facebook Page:

Consumers are more likely to trust a brand with its business page on Facebook and Instagram as compared to the ones who don't. It makes the page look more established. Posting content on such sites and creating a backlink to your website helps in directing more number of customers into your site.

Create and maintain a Twitter handle:

Twitter has one of the biggest audiences on Social Media eager to know about news and people's updates. Create a profile on twitter and backlink your website on it. Keep your audience interested by simply tweeting something gripping about your business as a tweet.

Use Online Tools:

Use online tools like Social Signifier, Sprout Social, Buffer, etc. to enhance your presence on Social Media and amplify the number of social signals. These tools not only have more reach as compared to organic methods but also avoid any fake users to get engaged, as it may lead to a decline in the page ranking.

Social Signals are one of the prime factors in determining the popularity and growth of a page. Enhancing these signals is beneficial for any business to flourish organically. These signals can be optimized using both- Onsite and Offsite techniques.

Harry Hunter writes various articles for businesses that want to see their Google search rankings surge. He contributes articles about online marketing techniques and how to increase social signals on different social media accounts.